Positively Plus: This Is Brittany

Brittany is beautiful.  In fact, she’s so beautiful that sometimes it’s difficult to stare at her for too long without going a little star struck in the retinas.  Not to mention the fact that she has this giggle and perpetual smile that make it difficult not to break out in laughter by her side, accompanied by a skin tone that is envy-worthy.  Oh and she’s a ridiculously talented writer whose witty articles regarding music or travel or the crazy shit people do never cease to captivate me.

The lovely Brit Brit allowed me do a photo shoot of her after I informed her about Big&Beautiful&Bold.  She’s one of the best examples I can fathom of a gorgeous, curvy gal who is also brilliantly talented and intelligent and pleasantly sarcastic.  Thank you darling for taking the time to let me show the world how purty and magnificently curvy you are!  I hope this is the first of many future shoots of big and beautiful women who are proud of their bodies and not afraid to be stylish and sassy and sexy.

Note: Most of the apparel featured in this shoot was purchased at either Torrid or Forever 21.

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