1. Tanya

    I love this site. Thank you Gabi Gregg for helping me feel good about myself again. I’m 42 years old and have NEVER been this big in my life, not even when I was pregnant did I weigh as much as I do now. My weight always fluctuated between 116-130. After many medical/health issues and three back/neck surgeries I became less and less active. I now weigh 184, at only 64″ tall I feel like an oompah loompah! I’m finally becoming comfortable in my own skin. It’s nice to know that there are blogs and websites such as this to help my mentality.

    • Hi Tanya,
      I’m so glad you stumbled upon this site. I’m at my biggest now as well, but I honestly love my body and my size. That didn’t happen overnight, of course. Obviously we’re told being big is NOT ok. But it is. And I hope you are able to see this too. Having curves and some extra cushion is a beautiful, feminine thing. Rock what you’ve got!

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