Sneak Peak: A Plus-Size Model And A Thin One CAN Take Fabuluous Photos

Courtesy of Jay Photographics

Courtesy of Jay Photographics

If you all recall, I took up some qualms with an anti-plus-size blogger a few weeks back for several reasons.  One of those reasons was that she claimed a plus-size model and a thin one shouldn’t ever pose together in photos.  In fact, she was disgusted at the images Plus-Size Model Magazine posted featuring two women of opposite body types.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot.  The truth is, it’s rare to see a thin model and a full figured one paired together for anything, let alone a high fashion shoot.  I don’t think this has anything to do with the photos not looking glamorous enough, but rather that it’s just not something agencies or companies consider appealing or crowd inducing.  Most brands are targeted at either thin women or plus-size ones, rarely both or those in between.  But combining body types CAN work.  And honestly, if done more, I think it could lead to better results for brands and shops looking to attract a broader range of shoppers.

Courtesy of Jay Photographics

Courtesy of Jay Photographics

To prove this, I partook in a photo shoot with my closest friend, who happens to be seven sizes smaller than me.  She’s always weighed in the lower 100s, whereas I’ve usually stayed in the lower 200s.  And I promise you…we got some gorgeous shots, the 100 pound difference between us adding a kind of special that you don’t see enough in photo shoots.  Here you’re seeing two shots, one from our “Princesses in Woodstock” section and another from the evening wear portion.  We had several outfit changes, but in the end whether we were dressed as Alice and Snow White or rocking the glam, the photos were lovely.

Our photographers, the same wonderful ladies who did the shoot of me in November, were exceedingly encouraging and a delight to work with.  This goes to show that there are photographers out there who love shooting all types of people, whether they are thin, chunky, tall, short, broad shouldered or busty.  There are photographers out there willing to capture every type of beauty — because there is beauty in every body type.  Part of the reason I so enjoyed this shoot was obviously because I was being photographed with my best friend, who has been in my life for a decade and whom I love dearly.  But whether this was the case or not, the point still stands: curvy and skinny CAN mix.



  1. JameyBear

    I love this piece so much.

    The fact that there are people in the world still who have this particular discriminatory a unfathomable mystery to me.

    I am delighted to see the barriers that should have been broken, or better yet, never created, being tossed aside in favor of love and acceptance.

  2. Elizabeth Saucier

    My best friend is itty bitty and very beautiful and there were times when she inadvertently made me feel self-conscious about my weight. She was not being mean, rather, where she was raised, a woman is seen only for her sex appeal. Her comments got me to thinking though and I found it better to work on loving myself rather than make myself into someone others love because of my physical appearance. When my friend had her first child she naturally put on weight. Though she was still smaller than average and still very pretty, it was a devastating blow to her and I came to realize that her self-esteem was worse than mine! Because of her weight gain she became very depressed, wouldn’t dress up, wouldn’t go out and made derogatory comments about herself. I have been working on her to help her to love herself but its a hard road. She is a very strong and beautiful person, I hope that I can help her see that someday. My point being, just because someone is smaller, does not mean that their self-esteem is better. For so many, their self-esteem is linked to their weight, including myself to some degree. However, for those who are used to being smaller, when they gain weight, it can cripple them. So for those who are “bigger” girls with “tiny” friends; help each other to love yourselves just as you are and to learn to love any changes that occur because believe me, they will occur.

    • I wish you the best of luck with your friend Elizabeth. It is wonderful of you to try to make her see that she is beautiful. I think overall I have met far more thin women with low self esteems than plus size ones, and this proves time and time again that there is so much more to being confident than body image. Granted it’s unfortunately a big part of what defines and shapes our self image but I just don’t think it should be the core of it.

  3. Elizabeth Saucier

    Thank you! I know that she is beautiful and I think that she is starting to see her own self worth beyond her body. I believe that the reason thinner people have worse self esteem issues is that when a woman is “bigger” from the get go, then she must learn to accept herself and surround herself with positive people. Women who are skinnier tend to have people flock to them because of their outer beauty and most of the flock of people are capricious and shallow. They link their self worth to their body and if their body changes as is natural, they tend to have a hard time with that because they aren’t used to being anything but a size 2 and their so called friends don’t want to be around them or make negative comments toward them. My friend, a couple weeks after giving birth, went shopping with a “friend” and her friend told her that her butt was too jiggly! That’s not something that any woman needs to hear much less one who was suffering from postpartum depression.

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