New Year’s Resolutions For The Larger Lady

New Years Resolutions From Me

New Years Resolutions From Me

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had fun last night and were able to bring in 2013 with drinks, friends, family, fun and last but never least, delicious food.  My 2013 began with the best filet mignon, sweet potatoes and seafood crepes I’ve ever had, thus throwing me into a fabulous mood that lasted the whole evening and even through this dreary morning.

As you all know, new years go hand in hand with new resolutions — promises to yourself regarding what you will or won’t do, what you’ll achieve, who you’ll date or stop dating and far too commonly, what skinny jeans you’ll be fitting into by the summer.  How many of you out there have been guilty of making a resolution to drop those extra pounds or squeeze into those pants you haven’t worn since high school?  I myself used to fall victim to this — I remember my 17-year-old self striving to fit into those size 7’s I hadn’t worn since middle school.  But this year, why not try some different resolutions?

Instead of trying to change your body, embrace it.  There’s nothing wrong with being different, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with being on the pudgy side.  For those larger ladies out there, I can’t tell you how many e-mails and messages I receive from men saying they love BBWs and wish more plus-size women could realize how sexy they are.  How about the next time you look down at your belly you realize that it’s a lovely thing because it’s part of you and that makes it beautiful!  I guarantee loads of men out there feel the same so if you’re trying to lose the weight to catch a guy (which you should never do anyway), please please please realize tons of men out there prefer voluptuous beauties anyway.

Instead of striving to fit into those old skinny jeans, how about you buy new ones?  There’s no use cutting calories and forcing yourself to stick to greens just to try to look like your 16-year-old self.  I say your time is better spent hitting the mall and the post-Christmas sales in search of some new outfits that show off those big&beautiful&bold bodies.

And instead of perceiving all those wobbly bits and jiggly places as flawed or in need of eradication, just learn to love them.  Make the resolution to yourself to find beauty in those places.  Instead of falling apart whenever you notice a new stretch mark, smile about it.  Smile about being a confident, plus-size BBW.  It isn’t an easy thing to do, I know.  But if you achieve it, you should feel a hell of a lot better about yourself than if you just manage to drop some lbs.  It’s a lot harder to come out and say, “I’m fat and beautiful” or “I’m fat and I like it” than it is to hit the gym and drop some inches from your waist.  And in my opinion, that makes it a way better resolution.  That makes it something to be truly proud of.



  1. I am so sad that I have not been reading you for as long as your blog has been around.

    You embrace who you are with such verve and it is such a beautiful and powerful thing.

    If only all women, regardless of size or anything else could be like you and embrace that wonderful beauty.

    Goddess blessings to you and yours and I look forward to the wonder and joy you bring to so many over the course of this year.

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