My Detestation Of The “Spam” Folder

Dear friends, cyberspace, fellow bloggers, loves:

I write dejectedly today. You’ll forgive that the following will be a short, ranty, miserable post, but I had no one to turn to in my time of despair and so I turn to you all.

A few months ago, as some of you may remember, I wrote about the winner of the Miss BBW International pageant, the breathtaking Gemma Cruickshank, and the fact that I too would be applying to the pageant in 2013.  Well, I was selected into the second stage of the application process — the interview.  You can read an excerpt from the e-mail I received below:

Dear Contestant,

Congratulations on getting through to the interview stage of Miss BBW International 2013, we take pleasure in letting you know that you have been selected from over 900 applicants.

The interviews will be held on Saturday 26th January in London.

You may wonder why this is a problem.  Well, this amazing e-mail, though it was sent to me on January 10th, was only found looming in my Spam folder today.  As soon as I entered that wretched folder, out of pure mistake really, the subject line, “Invitation For the Next Stage of Miss BBW” hit me like a ton of bricks and I thought I was about to have either a panic attack or another form of a nervous breakdown.  I saw the date it was received, and instinctually I knew I’d missed the deadline 😦  And what’s more tragic, I could have made the interview as I was just in the U.K.!

I, of course, proceeded to e-mail the pageant administration twice and explain my unfortunate circumstance and severe depression.  I also intend on calling tomorrow and begging for another opportunity.  This pageant means so much to me.  Everything it stands for is what I try every day to convey in this blog and in my life.  I want nothing more than to have the experience of being surrounded by beautiful, plus-size women who radiate confidence and intelligence and morale — women who show off their curves, wear body-hugging apparel, dance on stage to millions of viewers, embrace and love their wobbly bits and encourage all us thicker ladies to do so as well.  I’m asking you all to wish me a little luck — the only thing to hope for now is a second chance.



  1. Oi the Spam folder!

    I have long since decided to sort by hand and have done away with the foul demon.

    Your pleas, if not heeded by the Chairman, shall be followed up by an email from me explaining that you need to be there.

    Now, i shall like this not for your sadness, because we know it shall come to light in wonder and you shall tell us all of the success of you at the Pageant.

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