With A Little Luck And Well Wishes…

…and a bit of e-mail pleading on my part of course, the Miss BBW International (now called Miss Plus-Size International) committee is allowing me to partake in a Skype interview in 10 days!  Thank you all for sending out your “good lucks” and “you can do its” as I was in the midst of my downward spiral of sadness last night.

While this doesn’t mean that I’ve been officially accepted into the pageant, it’s such a huge step.  For most of my life, I’ve been disillusioned by the concept of beauty pageants, but as you all know, this one’s a bit different.  To see such a large organization focus on presenting plus-size acceptance to the world is beyond touching.  Even if I don’t make it into the final round, I’m enjoying my time on Cloud 9 right now.  I’m sure you will all be hearing my updates as they arrive.  So thanks for putting up with the excess venting 😀



  1. I told you that you would get this. You belong there and I will do everything, however little that may be, in my power to make sure that you get precisely what it is that you desire.

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