The Plus-Size Burlesque/Rockabilly Babe

In case I haven’t already said this about 10 times, I secretly fantasize about being a burlesque dancer: the clothes, the music, the overall ambiance spark the inner diva that lives deep within my introverted soul.  As though this weren’t enough, the fact that plus-size ladies aren’t just welcome to participate, but often dominate the competitions and events creates this fluttery feeling inside my chest.  It is this hidden dream (or not so hidden as I talk about it all the time) of mine that has made me want to collect images of plus-size women whose looks are inspired by either burlesque, rockabilly, pin-up or vintage fashions — or a little bit of them all.  If you’re interested, please feel free to e-mail me!

So here’s round one: Cherry D’Lish.  She was nice enough to contact me via Big&Beautiful&Bold’s Facebook page and submit her photos.  Cherry is everything I love about the retro/pin-up look.  I mean, honestly, she actually looks like a pin-up porcelain doll.  Cherry, you are simply flawless, and your confidence and classiness really make me smile.

Cherry D’Lish

Age: 28
Hometown: Roseville, CA
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Sci-Fi, Comics, Hot Rods, Pin-Ups, & Car Shows
Profession: Student; Masters in Business Management
The Look: My look is very retro/pin-up. I love this style because I love the grace and glamour of vintage pin-ups as well as the way they could exude sex appeal without showing to much.
Fashion Inspirations: Vivian Leigh, Gwen Stefani and my Grandmother
Favorite quote: Attitude is Altitude!

Jackie Scott 2

Jackie Scott 1

Jackie Scott 5

Jackie Scott 4

Jackie Scott 3



  1. Elizabeth Saucier

    I agree that the look is sexy without being too much exposure, but for someone who is camera shy (I’m working on it), it’s very…bold.

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