Color Me Obsessed: Domino Dollhouse

Domino DollhouseBy absolute chance, and luck, I stumbled upon Domino Dollhouse, the self-proclaimed e-commerce site for “plus-size clothing without compromise.”  Their mash-up of sci-fi looks with vintage and rockabilly styles has me in an absolute tizzy, and actually looking forward to my birthday this year (sending out winks here to those who are wondering what to buy me in three weeks!).

What I really love about these designs is that they are far more unique than so much of the plus-size apparel out there.  You go to ASOS Curve and you kind of know what to expect (not that this makes it any less fabulous).  You go to Forever 21 Plus, and you know you’ll be finding more straight patterns and quotidian designs.  But Domino Dollhouse is different.  It’s got its own flare, and furthermore I couldn’t be more pleased by the models!  Unlike so many sites, this one actually uses larger ladies, not 6’1” size 8s.  These women are rocking their curves and by the looks of it, most are about a 14 or up.  So hurray for actually using plus-size models to model plus-size clothes!  And hurray to founder Tracy Broxterman, whose blog Chubble Bubble always makes me smile, and now whose clothes do the same.

Check out some of my favorite pieces below!

Domino Dollhouse   Domino Dollhouse  Domino Dollhouse   Domino Dollhouse  Domino DollhouseDomino Dollhouse


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