“Lace N’ Leopard” Blogger Tiffany Crawford Talks Fashion & Fame

Lace N Leopard 2I get obsessed with people easily.  I don’t mean in that creepy, stalker fashion, but in the, “I frikin love your style and want it now,” kind of way.  Last February when Tiffany Crawford of Long Beach, Calif. stared “Lace N’ Leopard, a YouTube channel and accompanying blog where she features outfits of the day that are always the “perfect combination of sexy and cute,” (yes I’m quoting Steve Carell in Crazy, Stupid Love) my obsession was almost instant.  She had the type of sass and flirtaciousness I’ve always wanted to pull off but am far too shy and awkward to ever do successfully.

The 30-year-old, plus-size beauty works in commercial finance (which sounds scary and not at all what you’d expect to hear from a style guru but which she actually loves) and is also a photographer.  Someday she hopes to own a successful clothing boutique and possibly design her own pieces.  For now, blogging and YouTube-ing is a hobby – albeit one she really cares about.  We were able to take some time to talk fashion, blogging, hopes and the aspiration (or lack there of!) to fame.

Q: What inspired you to start your blog?

A: I officially started my blog in February 2012 because a lot of people would inbox me on Facebook about what I was wearing, my hair and makeup after posting pictures.  So, I thought instead of responding to each individual’s Facebook message, why not share with everyone?  I also give a lot of credit to my best friend, Nicole, who would always tell me that she could see me blogging and doing videos.  So, one day I just went for it!

Q: There are some bloggers/YouTube-ers like Marcy Guevara and Nicolette Mason who have gotten “discovered” through their sites and now landed jobs at places like Rachael Ray and Marie Claire.  Do you have any interest in doing videos or posts for a publication or a show?

A: I would love to.  But, I could be shy at times.  So any type of show would probably scare the living daylights out of me!  But if it was an offer I couldn’t refuse, I would just have to get over it!

Q: Because there are so many bloggers/YouTube-ers who do plus-size fashion, how do you think people can stand out and really get themselves noticed?

A: I’ve only been blogging for a little over a year, so I’m still working on getting myself out there more.  But, I’m learning to focus on the quality of posts instead of quantity, interact with my readers, support other bloggers the way I want to be supported, and not get caught up in the “competition” of it all.  Have fun with it, be genuine and I believe that will attract people.

Q: How would you define “fame” as it pertains to plus-size fashion blogging/video?

A: I feel that it’s a beautiful thing when your reach has grown.  But, fame is a term that I would use loosely.  Because, to me, it’s not about being well known for being a plus size fashion blogger.  It’s about having a common love for fashion, being happy in your own skin and encouraging others to do the same.

Q: Is fame something that motivates you to carry on making videos?

A: I always try to operate from a humble standpoint…so of course when doing posts you want them to be liked.  But feeling supported and helpful to others is more important to me than praise.
Lace N LeopardQ: Who are some women you admire in the plus-size fashion/blogging/video world?

A: I love Gabi Fresh, Passion Jonesz and Brittany Coleman of Pockets and Bows.

Q: How would you define your style?

A: I always have a hard time describing my style.  But I would say, I don’t like to look overdone and I like to feel sexy.  So, low-key, sexy and confident fits me best.  Though I love trends, I don’t consider myself “trendy.”  I do a lot of thrifting and love to mix vintage pieces with newer ones…and it works perfect for me.

Q: How many followers do you have?  How many do you hope to have?

A: Well, I guess it depends on what social network.  But between Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, I have anywhere between 2,500 and 4,000 followers on each network, give or take.  As far as how many I would like to have…who wants a limit?

Check out one of her fabulous outfits of the day:



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