Hips And Curves Photo Shoot

Confession: I was somewhat reluctant to do a lingerie shoot.  Not because there’s anything wrong with posing in lingerie.  And not because I was uncomfortable wearing a sexy, lacy, burlesque-y outfit that showcases my jiggly bits.  Ashamedly, it just seemed a bit taboo at first.  Though I am completely against the opinion that plus-size women shouldn’t post in swimsuits or panties because of their size, I knew I was going to be putting myself at risk for backlash and negative commentary. But then I realized that that in and of itself was reason to go for it.  If more larger women confidently strut their stuff, maybe that taboo thing will slowly diminish.  Maybe seeing normal women will actually become normal!

As usual, I drew inspiration from Gabi Gregg, who collaborated with Hips and Curves on a Valentine’s Day photo shoot.   Of course, I thought, “I can do this,” and proceeded to e-mail the lovely folks at Hips and Curves immediately.  I was delighted when they suggested featuring me on their blogger spotlight, and even more ecstatic when I was told we could continue collaborating for future photo shoots (so stay tuned!). I consider this first shoot an ode to both Gabifresh and Hips and Curves, one of the most gorgeous plus-size lingerie shops out there.  So here you go…me and my undies…classy ones, of course.

Hips and CurvesHips and CurvesHips and CurvesHips and CurvesHips and CurvesHips and Curves

Hips and Curves

All photos courtesy of Paddy McClave Photography

Hips and Curves

The look:

Strappy Stretch Lace Bra, $34.95

High-Waisted Panty with Lace-Up Back, $39.95

Sheer Stay-Up Stockings, $21.95 for two

Cropped Ribbed Tank, $16.95



  1. Wow, you look fantastic! That second picture is my favorite– I love seeing people who have fun with lingerie and I’m so glad it made you feel awesome :). Props to Hips and Curves for collaborating with cool people.

  2. GORGEOUS!!! Kudos to you for taking that leap, showing just how beautiful, classy and yet sexy us larger women not simply can be…but are!

    The 4th pic down is my favorite, from a style and artistic viewpoint. The lighting and shadows combined lends an air of mystery and sensuality without being cheap and sleazy.

    • Thank you so so much Kymberly. I really do think plus size women are beautiful and though I was nervous to do this shoot I am so glad I did. I love when bigger women fearleasly pose in swimwear and lingerie and wanted to do the same!

      The photographer is really great. I think that fourth picture is definitely one of my favorites. Have to credit Paddy for his photography skills because I am usually completely awkward in photos.

  3. Already commented once, but wanted to mention, your post has helped give me some extra confidence. Am doing a photo shoot this weekend, a retro/vintage style – complete with polka dot dress, crinoline petticoat, and thigh-high stockings. Wasn’t sure I’d feel comfortable showing off my legs above the knee, so self-conscious about less-then-perfectness (at least by our society’s warped standards) there. But you know? Why not? I am who I am, and to be oneself and comfortable in that is surely the most wonderful, lovely thing there is, right? Thanks again!

    • Thank you so much for commenting Kymberly. I am so thrilled you will be doing a shoot tomorrow. Please send me a link when it’s up 🙂 being comfortable with yourself is all that matters. I know my body type isn’t what’s considered beautiful by most social standards but I truly don’t care. And I love hearing when other women feel the same!

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