NERD, Exhibit A

I am a nerd, and proud of it.  I love sci-fi.  I’m a Trekkie (and delighted to say I will be receiving a custom made, 60’s inspired Star Trek dress from Polka Dot Polly).  My recent immersion into the world of Doctor Who is a blessing.  I spend more time reading than socializing and wouldn’t have it any different.  So you see.

Thus, because I am into fantasy fiction and comics and outer space and superheros, the fact that galaxy prints are exploding all over the e-commerce world has left me positively exuberant. ModCloth’s Rebel Without a Cosmos leggings have become a staple of my life.  Gabifresh’s galaxy fatkini and t-shirt are a staple of my life.  And my adorable ASOS skater skirt in galaxy is a staple of my life.  So you see.

Don’t be fooled by my numerous attempts at appearing otherwise from time to time.  Glamor is not an inherent part of my persona.  And elegance is difficult when my balance lies at subzero levels.  I am a nerd, and proud of it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I don’t cave every time I find a pair of retro heels at ModCloth.

Marie Southard Marie Southard Marie SouthardGet the look:

Skater Skirt in Galaxy Print, $27.15, ASOS

90’s Crop Top, $11.88, ASOS

Happenin’ Home Heel in Blue, $72.99, ModCloth


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