The Designer in Me: Bow&Drape

Bow and Drape

A huge shout out of appreciation to Bow&Drape, the fabulous DYO shop that enabled me to design this Jackie-O inspired teacup dress! A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting PR girl Christa Spengeman for a chat about the e-commerce site and DYO fashion as a whole (something I’ve never really dug into before) and I just had to try it out. After a few weeks, I had in my hands a chic, vintage, color-blocked, AND suitable for plus-sizes dress that I just love. Paired with my golden-colored M earrings, sailor waist belt and retro heals, I’m good to go for any summer day. A fan of online shopping, I also love that B&D allows for the at-home shopping experience with a twist.

And another thanks to Bow&Drape for the awesome feature they did on me on the shop’s Tumblr, which everyone can check out here!

Bow and Drape 1 Bow and Drape 3 Bow and Drape 2 Bow and Drape 4 Bow and Drape 5 Bow and Drape 6 Bow and Drape 8 Bow and Drape 7 Get the look:

Design your own Jackie Teacup at Bow&Drape, $248



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