New York Fashion Week Goes Plus!

I just about hyperventilated in ecstasy when I read the following headline: Eden Miller to Show First Plus-Size Line at New York Fashion Week.

I really try my best as a supposed grownup to stay away from cliche texting abbreviations, but I feel this moment is a unique and special occasion, so right now, I put all attempts at adulthood and maturity aside, and say: O.M.F.G.

This is a truly momentous occasion. It isn’t just that a plus designer has made it to fashion week. It’s that a plus designer has made it to NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, i.e. the pièce de résistance of the global fashion week kingdom. Had you asked me a year ago — no, even three months ago when I was still living in NYC — whether I thought this was possible, I would’ve taken one look at my surroundings — at the quotidian size 2 models or essentially-should-be-models that seem to encapsulate the island, and laughed a sad laugh of resignation. “No,” I would have said, “This is New York frikin City for God’s sake.” Well, today is a happy day. Today is a day I am thrilled to be 100 percent, totally incorrect. I was wrong, and how awesome it is when inherent pessimism pays off to so pleasantly surprise you!

I LOVE Eden Miller, designer and founder of Cabiria. More and more we are seeing brands expand their lines and incorporate plus-sizes, but Ms. Miller here is one of the few who I have seen make cache, high-quality, luxurious apparel for sizes 12-24. Honestly, I need to find a way to get a ticket to this show as watching fellow larger ladies strut down the NYC Fashion Week runway is something I HAVE to see with my own eyes.

And because I really can’t give justice to how amazing this line is, just look for yourselves:

Cabiria Cabiria Plus 4 Cabiria Cabiria Cabiria CabiriaAll photos courtesy of Cabiria.

From the website:

“Each fabric is in a limited quantity, which creates exclusivity and cache for our customers. Cabiria is made entirely in the USA, using sumptuous fabrics, ebullient prints and colors, and beautiful craftsmanship. We believe in cutting for the fullness of the plus-size figure, ease of movement, considerate details that make you feel good in your clothes, and for long term wearability. Modern classics that have no use for conservative attitudes. We deserve to feel gorgeous!”



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