The Tartan Check

Plus Size Model

Can I just say YIPPEE?! Tartan check is trending. I’ve been waiting for this since 1999. I still remember wearing my babydoll, red and green checkered dungarees every day from age 8 to 10. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the point is, I wore them a lot.

Now, I know “plus-size do’s and don’ts” flip flop between telling us that semi-baggy swing dresses are either a do because they essentially hide our fat, or a don’t because they don’t highlight our figures in the least. But because I never subscribe to these hideous rules, my “do” is ALWAYS as follows: wear what you what, when you want, how you want. I know this ASOS swing dress doesn’t necessarily frame my curves. Some would say wearing it without a waist belt is blasphemous. But I love it just as is. I love tartan, it’s super comfy, and hey, if I look chunkier, I couldn’t care less. Though it’s technically not in the Curve department, I normally wear a size 16, but am wearing a 14 here, and I think it could fit an 18/20 nicely as it was pretty loose on me.

As for these shoes, I just couldn’t resist. Hologram also seems to be in these days. I’m not sure whether that’s because dub step and raving are becoming things again, or whether it’s because we all secretly seem to miss the 80s (or long to have experienced them if we weren’t yet born), but I love these “mix tape”, buckle flats, and kind of feel like Michael Jackson wearing them. So all is well.

Because I am me, I also had to add in a dash of polka dots, in this case, in tight form. Always a fan of pattern mixing, the quintessentially banished combo of checks and dots needed to happen.

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

Get the look:

Skater Dress in Plaid, ASOS, $37

Mix Tape Monk Shoes, ASOS, $76

Sheer Polka Dot Tights, Lane Bryant, $19


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