Elephants and Glitzz

Plus Size Model

Something I love about the beginning of fall is the transition from short sleeves to sweaters. So to me, one of the best seasonal pieces is the sweater top. The thicker fabric adds that extra warmth without making you jump into winter-wear before you’re ready.

When I was gifted this beautiful Cache lace-back sweater, I knew it was the ideal transitional piece: a perfect mixture of lace and knit with that bonus glimmer I always love. I couldn’t bear to wear it with anything other than my Forever21 Plus elephant leggings. Nothing else had that quirky feel I am always gravitating toward. Jeans were boring; high-waist shorts didn’t suit it; lots of skirts were cute BUT nothing topped the elephant leggings. Though I admit to being bias because elephants are my favorite animal ever.

What I love about Cache pieces is that their clothes just make every body type look amazing. Though they aren’t a plus-size brand, their XL’s and 14’s are generally spacious and comfortable. Every time I slip into Cache, I feel like a million bucks, which is well worth going a little over the average budget. My curves are shown off in a way I find flattering yet bold, and that’s really important to me.

Plus Size Model Plus Size Model

Photography by Courtney Freeman

Photography by Courtney Freeman

Get the look:

Sweater top, Cache, $98

Classic black pumps, Sofft Moselle, $81

Jewelry, Forever21



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