Fall Trends Part 3: Animal Faces Re-Vamped

Plus Size Model

My apologies that this is so long overdue. Basically, I started grad school about a month ago and have been totally swamped with 1500+ pages of reading weekly! I don’t think I have read this much since speed reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I think it took me two days. But anyway, here is my third favorite fall trend — part of a piece I did for Bustle on amazing seasonal trends plus-size women should be wearing.

You guys know I love breaking fat girl taboos, so the body-hugging pieces are staples in my wardrobe. I adore a 50s style, flowing dress as much as any vintage lover. But sometimes, you just want to show off the curves. This TopShop shark dress is just amazing. It hugs everything it needs to hug, emphasizing my silhouette whilst not being too overbearing. I love that TopShop’s 12s often fit a 16/18. It just goes to show you should experiment with sizes even if you think there’s no way you will fit into something two sizes smaller. A lot of times, you probably will.

So, I chose this dress because although I do often like things that are in-trend, what I don’t like is ONLY liking things that are in trend. I never purchase anything I don’t like just because it’s “in.” For instance, a trend we’ve all noticed in the past year is animal faces. Everyone seems to have a massive leopard, lion or generic feline face covering their chests. I don’t like that. It’s just not for me — probably because I really don’t like cats. But this shark dress felt totally different, like I was giving props to an animal not often featured in fashion whilst being somewhat “in trend” but holding my own and staying true to my tastes.

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

Get the Look

Shark Dress, TopShop, $60

Tomato Red Suede Heels (similar), Zappos, $79

Heavenly Couture Jacket (similar), ASOS, $32



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