That Time I Modeled @ModCloth

I love vintage. That’s no secret. But unfortunately, authentic vintage rarely ever loves me back. It’s so hard…SO hard…to find legit clothes from the 40s-70s in my size. I tried for years in New York to thrift my heart away, but the epic retro finds were far and few between. That’s probably why I love ModCloth so much. If you can’t have real vintage, the next best thing is definitely vintage inspired. And ModCloth carries so many unique brands up to sizes 3-4XL that I find myself checking their plus section on a daily basis.

So obviously when the opportunity arose to model for this inspirational e-commerce shop (it was founded by a millennial ya know), I could not turn it down. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting at the ModCloth studio in Pittsburgh. I just love these plus-size skirts, tops and jackets. Being me, it always takes a bit for my awkwardness to fade enough to get a good shot, and that may be obvious to some of you :p But the point is the clothes — the vintage-look-a-likes for curvy girls like me. They exist! *Sigh of relief*

Plus Size Model Plus Size Model

plus size model

Plus Size Model Plus Size Model Plus Size Model Plus Size Model

You can purchase all these plus-size vintage pieces in the plus-section of ModCloth.


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