Your Heart Is As Black As Night


Since watching An Education in 2009, I have probably listened to the soundtrack a few hundred times. I love the incredible jazz selections, from pianist Floyd Cramer’s “On the Rebound” to Brenda Lee’s “Sweet Nothin’s.” For whatever reason, though, I always tended to skip over Melody Gardot’s “Your Heart is as Black as Night.” I think, perhaps, because it is the only song not actually from the ’50s/’60s era. This morning I gave it a chance. Gardot is obviously heavily influenced by jazz and blues, and her voice had a profound depth in texture and emotion that stuck with me through the day, and inspired this black-on-black, vintage-based ensemble. I love music with every bit of my heart, and when I find a song that really makes me feel something, it affects everything — from my outfit to my mood to my makeup to my daily activities.

This jacket, which is sort of the center of today’s ensemble, has become something of an obsession. It was my mother’s in the mid ’80s and is designed by the once upon a time, high-end brand Direct Action New York (D.A.N.Y). I remember her wearing it when I was a kid, but in recent years I’d forgotten it existed. Last time I was home, however, it resurfaced after a mega-closet-clean-out, and I knew I had to give it another life. Though D.A.N.Y. is no more, this exact same coat is available in a 2XL on Ebay, along with several other designs in varying sizes. In combination with living in English countryside, this coat makes me feel like I authentically belong in times passed. And I always appreciate that in any clothing.

I chose to pair the fur-on-leather coat with a black cut-out dress by Cache from their spring collection this year. I love cut-outs in the neckline of dresses (though some may say it’s a bit of an S&M-inspired design), and I remember finding this dress while shopping in New York before moving overseas, and knowing I just had to have it. As cliche as it sounds, every woman does need a little black dress, and this is mine. I kept my makeup minimal, placing emphasis on the vamp lip. With a song like “Your Heart is as Black as Night” stuck in my head all day, I was feeling broodiness. Ironically, it was broodiness that led to the turquoise hair dye earlier in the week. It’s quirky, I think?

IMG_4367 IMG_4365 IMG_4375 IMG_4381 IMG_4399 IMG_4410 IMG_4400 IMG_4423 IMG_4444 IMG_4460 IMG_4463 IMG_4474 IMG_4475 IMG_4512

Of course, this is what happens when you wear heels in Yorkshire.

Of course, this is what happens when you wear heels in Yorkshire.

Get the look:

Vintage D.A.N.Y. Coat, Ebay, $100

Dress, Cache, $188

BCBG Shoes (similar), Zappos, $193

Handbag, Vintage



  1. Reb

    Hey Marie,

    I just found your site today and enjoy reading your posts. Your confidence is inspiring! I’m wondering what lip colour you have on in these pictures – it looks lovely and flattering.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I’m actually using a MAC longwear lip liner called “Bittersweet” and the lipstick in also by them. It’s one of the matte ones, and is called “Diva.” Since I got it a few weeks ago I’ve been wearing it nonstop.

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