It’s Time To Stop And Start All Over; Make A New Beginning

For a few weeks now, I have been saying that I had new and exciting blog news. Well, just in time for the New Year, I’m ready to reveal it! Running Big, Beautiful and Bold this past year has been incredible. I feel like in a solitary 13 months, I have met the most incredible people, received some of the sweetest feedback, and really found my voice in terms of promoting body positive, size accepting messages through fashion posts, essays and interviews with amazing women. I have loved every minute of BBB, and I will always stay true to the messages it stands for. But I have been feeling somewhat stir crazy — like a change just needed to happen. And so, Big Beautiful and Bold, though it’s messages will persevere, will be changing. I hope you all continue to visit me and get in touch through my new site: Migg Mag.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 7.53.08 PM copy

Migg Mag has been born out of a desire to hone in that aforementioned voice even more. I wanted a site whose name was a representation of me as an individual on a more personal, less general, message. The title “Big, Beautiful and Bold” came spontaneously. It was simple. I wanted bigger women to know they were also beautiful, and that embracing that fact would in turn make them bold. But I didn’t do any research into the name. I didn’t realize that there are umpteen-several blogs, Facebook pages and groups with derivations of the same name I had chosen living in cyberspace. There is a Beautiful, Big and Bold, and a Bold, Big and Beautiful, and a Big, Bold and Beautiful. And some of the sites out there I don’t actually feel promote the messages and concepts I am all about. So I wanted something exclusive to me — not because I’m super narcissistic, but because it feels right for my site to be unique to me.

The name Migg Mag has derived from my nicknames, Miggles/Migg/Miggly/Migglymoo. Actually, Migglymoo was one of the first ever nicknames I received from Patrick, and it has evolved into several forms and into a name most people I know in the UK refer to me by. And the “Mag” is of course short for magazine, which I felt appropriate using because of my journalistic background.

Migg Mag was the thing I was stir crazy for. It was the platform I needed. It was the uniqueness I craved. I think every blogger and writer and human being has something that makes them feel like their self, and the name Migg is what does it for me. So I wanted it to be part of my site, as well. This will probably be my last post on Big, Beautiful and Bold, and soon the website will expire altogether. But I truly do hope you continue reading and commenting. And that you don’t think for a minute that I no longer want to show all the beauty in being big, beautiful and bold — that will never alter. That will never fade.

Thank you to everyone who has read and supported me and liked my posts and found something good in this site. It has been a journey, and one I hope to continue for a long, long time.



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