As a plus-size woman, I know the challenges and insecurities that can stem from possessing a fuller figure. But I love being big. Yes, I love my curves. Yes, I love my big derrière. And I want to encourage other ladies to feel the same. Here you will find my rants, my 20-something insights, my photo shoots, and of course, my existential dilemmas.

I’m a plus-size blogger, but I am also a journalist.  I’m a writer, a reader, a nerd, a woman.  I specialize in creative nonfiction and love writing stories about real people — amazing people, interesting people, people who make me smile or laugh or cry — and I apply this on this blog as best I can as well through interviews, features and Q&A’s.  There’s a lot of fashion on here, but fashion isn’t my whole life (though I adore it, of course).  Above all, I want this to be a place for fuller figured women to embrace their bodies, to rock their curves, to see the beauty in their rolls and wobbly bits, and inspire others to do the same!

Courtesy of PCEM Graphics

Marie Southard



  1. Love your blog and I gotta say you are truly beautiful. Your figure is so attractive, and as well as allowing your readers to be able to read your great writing, your blog will do a great job of raising awareness of how nice a curvy figure is-love to see more girls like you.

  2. Jim Cavaretti

    HI! Fell upon this site after reading an article that mentioned Elsie Sheel. I did a Google search since she was supposed to be the epitome of the perfect woman (a few years ago). So, I wanted to see what she looked like and when I saw the Google image of the photo at the top of this page, I kid you not, it took my breath away!! I clicked it thinking it was a photo of Elsie but now I see it is not. After scanning the page, I presume that is you, Frutica.

    You are amazingly beautiful!!! I absolutely adore curvy women, especially those who are comfortable in wearing those curves. That combination makes for an incredibly sexy woman!! If I were a writer or a poet MAYBE I could come up with the words or the adjectives that currently escape me when I to try to describe how gorgeous you are!!! Glad I found this – you made my day!!!! BREATHTAKING!!

    • Hi Jim! Thank you so much for your kind words, you are very sweet. If you’re referring to the header photo on the blog, however, sorry to say that’s not me! It’s a famous plus-size model. I do photo shoots on here of myself though so if you meant some of those photos then thank you!

      I always love hearing from fellow curve admirers though 🙂 so glad you stumbled on the blog!

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